The interdisciplinary environment of Kindred Hospital is designed to allow physicians, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, social workers/case managers, and other staff members adequate time and resources for in-depth analysis, comprehensive treatment, and close monitoring of all patients. Our hospitals are smaller than typical hospitals, permitting us to provide more focused care.

    The team approach to providing clinical care is key to the success of our patients. As your acute care partner, Kindred offers the level of expertise and experience necessary to restore patients to the highest possible level of functioning. Most of our patients are referred to us by other hospitals because of our ability to treat complex patients effectively and deliver superior outcomes.

    Appropriate Referrals May Include:

    • post-cardiac surgery
    • congestive heart failure
    • valvular heart disease
    • congenital heart disease
    • post-myocardial infarct with complications
    • cardiomyopathy
    • peripheral vascular disease

    Some Services We Offer:

    • physical, occupational and speech therapy
    • 24-hour respiratory therapy
    • diagnostic services
    • vasopressors
    • total parenteral nutrition
    • telemetry
    • prolonged antibiotic therapy
    • anti-arrhythmics

    Why Choose Kindred?

    Some health issues are so complex that many patients benefit from a few extra days of treatment. Kindred understands the advantages of extended hospitalization. Treatment is delivered according to the individual needs of the patient. Our board-certified physicians see patients daily to assure the best outcomes possible. Our goal is to help each patient reach the highest level of recovery before being discharged. Kindred Hospital Melbourne has 60 med-surg beds, eight ICU beds and 20 telemetry beds. Please contact us for more information.

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